This copper flat band cutter enables mechanics to cut copper flat band up to ca. 0.24 x 1.57inches,(6x40 mm) at place. Through the low afford of force and its easy use, it is possible to use under narrow conditions. No more sawing! Quick blade release allows fast backout in any position. Can be used even in confined areas

Order number 40.000

Area of application max:
6 mm h

40 mm b

Not for hardened steel wires!

Technical Data
Lenght 290
Width of head 175
Weight 1,7
Area of Application
Diameter 6
Cross section 240
Handle Polypropylene
Surface brown-finished

Cross Section mm2
K-3 240
K-4 450
KS-34 300
KS-45 450
KS-52 500
S-50 500
KS-62 750
KS-62hd 840
KS-80 1000
KS-100 1000
KS-42S 300
DT-75 300
C-1 185
C-2 240
C-3 300
C-4 550